Student Work

How might we make SSOL more effecient with less redirection?

by Aisha Malik, Andrea Quinones, Raymond Wu, Ryan Chen, Yibing Chen

How might we make Columbia’s shuttle bus service easy to understand and use

by Nicolas Acosta, Guillermina Pegragallo, Stacy Tao


How might we find balance between spontaneity and setting goals in office hours?

by Liz Merrigan, Rachel Halpern, Amita Shukla, Han Wen Zhang

How might we engage students so that they actually want to learn independently?

by Nic Rockwood


How might we make sustainability a seamless part of the average shoppers online shopping process?

Sandy Zhao, Naina Durga, Nicole Gomez

How might we help veterans network with the greater Columbia Community?

by Kimi Wenzel, Anastasia Gradova, Andrew Kenn

How might we connect collegiate athletes with equally skilled training partners for sport specific workouts?

by Clelia Piperno, Lacey Strahm, Taylor Penn

How might we help narrow down the process of finding the best software(s) for any tax filer?

by Arthi Krishna